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Lee Sungjin

Sungjin?? taukah kamu siapakah sungjin itu??? dia adalahhh *jeng jeng jeng jeng* Adiknya Sungmin Super Junior..Menurut gua,ngak cuma sungmin yang cakep,Adiknya juga cakep,tapi lebih tampak manly nya dibanding sungmin,tau sendiri kan,kalo sungmin baby face banget.Jadi ini beberapa fakta tentang Sungjin...

  • Sungjin was born on October 23, 1989.
  • SungJin’s Bloodtype is A.
  • Sungjin’s favorite colours are Black & Indigo/Navy Blue (Deep Blue).
  • Sungjin’s favourite word in English is “Forever”. He means, in life, “Forever” doesn’t exist.
  • Sungjin have a crush on a singer, and they also get VERY nervous when they see a pretty girl!
  • Sungjin has the shoe size 255 (US 7.5, UK 7, EU 40) & Sungmin has the size 245 (US 6, UK 5.5, EU 38).
  • Sungjin has a bigger shoe size than his Hyung (older brother) Sungmin
  • Sungjin is 168 cm tall. He’s shorter than his brother Sungmin by around 4-7 centimetres.
  • Sungjin is younger than his hyung Sungmin by almost 4 years (45 Months & 22 Days).
  • Sungjin’s favorite Soccer buddy is JJW (Secret code name).
  • Sungjin’s favorite hobby is playing soccer. And he’s excellent in it!
  • Among Sungjin’s favorite sports are Soccer & Swimming.
  • Sungjin doesn’t like coffee.
  • Sungjin likes both Green & Jujube tea.
  • Sungjin’s favorite fruit is…BANANA!
  • Sungjin’s clothes which he often prefer to wear is Casual Wear.
  • Sungjin doesn’t like vegetables.
  • Sungjin’s favorite food is Pizza & Meat.
  • Sungjin doesn’t like Seafood.
  • Out of White, Milk & Dark Chocolate, Sungjin likes Milk Chocolate best.
  • SungJin’s special hobby is sleeping deep well.
  • Sungjin’s favorite season is Autumn.
  • Some of the places Sungjin would like to visit are Paris & Thailand.
  • SungJin likes Mellow Songs and loves to play Guitar.
  • One of Sungjin’s interests is playing the guitar, and he’s very good at it!
  • Sungjin has dimples on both sides of his cheeks when he smiles!
  • Sungjin got gold medal in a baby swimming contest.
  • Sungjin studied in the Philippines for 3years in YALE Academy.
  • He finished his army last Feb.
  • SungJin’s Favorite Song in SJ’s 5jib is Walkin, because his brother sing the first line.
  • Sungjin wears glasses with the strength -0.1
  • Sungmin has Sty (or Stye), which is an infection of the base of the eyelashes (seen on the eyelids). That’s why he was wearing sunglasses during the whole IAAF World Championships.
  • Sungjin is extremely shy person.
  • Sungjin’s favorite books are comedy books.
  • Sungjin has a similar voice like SungMin, but much milder.
  • Sungjin registered his twitter acc. last Feb. 5, 2011
  • Sungjin has Cyworld, twitter, and me2day acc.
  • Sungjin is also a good player of Angry Bird, He has a good skill on shooting the target. He kept throwing birds, birds and if he got angry, he will throw his I-Phone too.
  • When Sungjin was bitten by a mosquito on the tip of his nose, he called himself “Rudolf Sungjin”! ㅋㅋhttp://twitpic.com/653r7w
  • Studying english…ㅠ It’s too difficult and quite annoying me! ㅠㅠ What should I do!!!
    Sungjin: My brother & me’s wife ?…I think you need rest and doctor…
  • Fan: boom ____ boom ____ boom _____ boom ___ don’t sleep oppa
    Sungjin: kkkkk boom!? 119 please she’s terrorist !! Arrest her!
  • Fan: Maybe…you’re an angel, right?
    Sungjin: No, I’m devil, but I seem like angel, @.@ be careful…
  • Fan: I wanna hold your hands O.O…
    Sungjin: Ok, you are cutting my hands..
  • Fan: Oppa, are you vampire? Dracula? You always sleep late…
    Sungjin: Correct, I want your blood, haha…
credit to: WeLoveSungJin, SungJinBiased, PrinceSungJin, and SungjinPhil.

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